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Boston Vegan

Plant-based Boston

Boston Vegan was founded in 2021 by Rachelle and Elinor, a mother-daughter owned and run vegan food business located in Newton. Rachelle and Elinor are motivated by their love for animals and vision of a cruelty-free world where animals are treated with compassion and dignity – today over 90 billion animals are raised and slaughtered annually for human consumption. Beyond the cruelty to animals, the meat industry is one of the key contributors to biodiversity loss and climate change. The goal is not to make everyone go vegan (although that would be great!), but to convince people to eat less meat so we can together achieve a more sustainable planet. In the search for a great-tasting plant-based burger and after many trials, Elinor, who has been a plant-based food product developer for many years, succeeded in developing the “Classic Burger.” Boston Vegan’s line of burgers has expanded to the Mushroom Burger, the Quinoa Broccoli Burger, and the Mediterranean Kebab, all currently available in independent retail markets throughout the Massachusetts area. In addition to burgers and kebabs, the company is also selling vegan ground and crumbles, meatballs, chickeny strips, and shawarma to the institutional market including to colleges, schools, camps, restaurants, and caterers. In addition to its frozen plant-based meat alternatives, Boston Vegan sells a great tasting and decadent dessert – chocolate and nuts truffle slabs in five different flavors: crunchy peanut butter, almond-orange, pretzels and peanut butter, rocky road, and potato chips and peanut butter. Made with the minimum amount of ingredients, both vegans and non-vegans love the truffle slabs. More and more people are becoming aware of the cruelty of industrial animal farming and the heavy environmental price of eating meat, and are looking for alternatives. Boston Vegan is committed to creating delicious vegan food with the minimum amount of ingredients and good nutritional values, to help people shift to eating more plant-based food.


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